The development trend of air purifier

The development of the air purifier is the inevitable trend of modern economic and social development, as a health and environmental protection products, gradually become modern society people pursuit of the quality of life of a trademark products.The industry is in full swing through environmental pollution and the "catalysis" of news reports.Chai jing 2015 "under heaven" let people pay more attention to the fog haze, focus on environmental health, pay attention to air pollution, so empty net industry has become the primary and market growth.The data analysis showed that the annual sales of air purifiers reached 5.7 million units, and the retail price was about 13 billion yuan.As people pay more attention to the health of their lives, the market for air purifiers is likely to continue to grow as environmental problems are not improved.At the same time, the phenomenon of product homogenization is also increasing, the competition in the industry will become more and more fierce.What about future air purifiers?Today we will discuss the development trend of air purifiers.


The development of the net industry is a novel start, and the development trend is quite good from the perspective of overall market demand and social development.But the improvement in technology and the assurance of product quality have left the market in a slack state.In 2016, there were 26.5% of the products in the market for air purifiers that were not eligible and not even in accordance with the new national standards.This shows that the performance of the product lacks supervision, and the overall industry level needs to be improved.Although air purifier blaze has three or four years in the domestic market, but in technology or dull, each production manufacturer stunt or around the basic model of technology.


Air purifier in the future will be more intense competition in the industry, along with the market of technology is more and more transparent, consumers a better understanding of the characteristics of the air purifier products, to the requirements of the product is bound to be picky.At the same time, the domestic air purifier enterprise will undergo a "transformation" change, or improve the product comprehensive technology and innovative products.Or they will be wiped out by the market and disappear from the industry.The most serious problem, foreign technology is constantly of the domestic market, combined with consumer to foreign brand itself has a kind of "love", criteria for domestic enterprises more lost competitive advantage.

Conclusion: air purifiers must be a hot industry in the future.On the one hand, people are attaching importance to the quality of life and pursuing healthy and green life.On the other hand, the air pollution incident is satisfied and the stimulus industry develops rapidly.A combination of factors will prompt the industry to develop rapidly.But if we can seize the opportunity, the domestic enterprises can catch up with foreign companies, the future market is domestic or imported the world all over the world, these problems are difficult to judge, everything all want to look at themselves in the core technology on the creature.