The market for air purifiers is developing intelligently

Can the indoor odors and foreign substances, such as pollen, bacteria, dust mites, odor, pet dandruff and second-hand smoke, be removed efficiently?Is there any noise?Can you control the indoor air quality remotely?...As the country is affected by different degree of heavy pollution weather, air purifier gradually become many families just need the product, market shows "blowout" development, but some decent concept, the price higher question comes, how consumers choose science, standardize the market orderly development has become a top priority.


In recent years, as air pollution has become more frequent, there has been a big wave of air purifiers on the market.Consumer electronics China electronic chamber of commerce survey analysis report released office said, the future of our country air purifier sales will remain between 30% and 35% of high-speed growth, in 2017 to 100 billion yuan of above.


"In recent years, the consumer's awareness of air purification has improved significantly, and China has become one of the markets we value most."Sweden air purifier brand blue his old ice, general manager of the China, said the air purifier is mainly composed of motor, fan, filters, an intelligent monitoring system.The product producer should pay attention to the standard execution, some important indexes and parameters should be clearly identified, let the consumer choose and choose clearly.Consumers need to change their filters regularly, or they could become indoor air pollution sources.


The "blowout" of the air purifier market has brought some worries.Wear, chairman of the China air purification industry alliance since the wish that the key to solve the problem of indoor pollution is to use ventilation and purification equipment adjust measures to local conditions, in the face of a variety of air purifier, people tend to be confused about.
In some home appliance market visits, the reporter found, the air purifier propaganda poster "remove 99% PM2.5", "remove 100% formaldehyde" and so on the words everywhere be visible.In the face of business promotion offensive, some consumers said out of the helpless, "most of the function of the air purifier boast a bit too far, can actually make people don't believe it."
With the development of the Internet era and the progress of science and technology, to provide consumers with intelligent, efficient and sustainable use of products into the industry consensus.
Efficient filtration is not the only criterion for measuring the quality of air cleaners. In silent and efficient filtration, it is also necessary to maintain the air circulation throughout the room. Chen Bing said, should be connected through the mobile phone APP and air purifier, through remote control and adjust the air volume, mode, humidification, real-time view of indoor air quality, liquidity, strengthen the smart chip manufacturing at the same time to provide users with more convenient service.
In fact, in addition to air purifiers to have real-time monitoring, efficient processing and other intelligent chip technology, the user's awareness and judgment is also very important. Experts said that scholars and researchers to do more science work, to correctly guide consumers to select and use the air purifier, to promote the standardization of the market, rationalization.
Chen Bing believes that corporate scientific research personnel not only to develop consumer health and safety of consumer products, to strengthen the more optimized, more intelligent chip research and development, but also the profound scientific and technological knowledge in a simple and easy way to let consumers understand, to open The information, so that users be assured.