American air is sweet? You need a smart air purifier

Recently, a university of Maryland school of Chinese female students graduation speech video hot network, the heroine in the video said the plane after breathing the air in the U.S. are sweet, and regardless of their speech right or wrong, just the air is sweet the idea that if there is a science?


It is known that air is colorless and odorless, and if the air smells bad, it is not pure air.Said the incident the heroine sweetness, must want to have a lot of sugar molecules in the air, people will judge out the air is sweet, but in general it is impossible to contain so much sugar molecules in the air.And no matter what air, colorless, odorless air for human health is still the best, so when you smell the smell in the air, whether fragrance, smell, or sweet will soon open air purifier to improve air quality.


Air purifiers can absorb and decompose pollutants in the air to achieve the purpose of clean air.In China, air purifiers have become the fifth-largest household appliance in Chinese households, as people value air quality.Air purifier function fully, can purify the air in a variety of pollutants, such as formaldehyde, after the bridal chamber decorates automobile exhaust gas of PM2.5, the production of sulfur dioxide, chemical production and pollen, germs, and other substances.There are a lot of air purifiers on the market right now, and an air purifier is so dazzling that it is necessary to choose a good air purifier.


Air purifier is mainly adopts the HEPA filter, activated carbon filter and smooth accelerant, ultraviolet radiation sterilization and electrostatic adsorption filter to filter and the impurities in the air.HEPA filter is called the heart of the air purifier, with 0.1 to 0.3 micron filter function of pollutants, but not influence the air circulation, is all the air purifier, a necessary option.Activated carbon filter is the second line of defense after HEPA filter, is made up of modern industrial processing after it has strong adsorption capacity of activated carbon made of mesh, can such as formaldehyde, toluene, hydrogen sulfide, xylene in the air for effective adsorption.Light catalyst is a kind of nanoscale metal oxide materials, thin film is formed after coating on the surface material, under the action of light can effectively degrade formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, ammonia, TVOC and other pollutants, effectively kill several kinds of bacteria and toxins decomposing bacteria.Ultraviolet disinfection disinfection by the name means to use ultraviolet ray to let the virus in the air, the bacterium loses activity to achieve the effect of disinfection.The electrostatic adsorption filter is the principle of the anode electric corona discharge, which makes the pollutants in the air positively charge and achieve the effect of electrostatic adsorption.


High quality air purifier have all of the above function, can carry on the filter to the pollutants in the air disinfection, bring us clean air, now, our country most of the air purifier manufacturers have production capacity of top air purifier.International students in the news tells us off the plane after feeling the air is sweet, and we have to tell the compatriots, foreign the moon does not necessarily better than China, in China and technical workers, with the help of domestic air purifier brand also has a certain influence in the world, so the United States than China air not sweet, poor quality of China's air purifier is no better than foreign brands.It is hoped that our country consumer can also understand this reason, in the daily shopping choice can choose the high-quality domestic air purifier.


The so-called "American air is sweet" may be a polite compliment from a female student, but it also exposes some Chinese people's "foreign love" mentality.We should all know courtesy is secondary in the external exchanges, safeguarding national dignity is important, and brand is secondary in the choice to air purifier, the quality of the products is the most important thing.