Air purifiers take care of your family's' breathing health

Summer air conditioning breeds bacteria, and air purifiers take care of your family's' breathing health.


In the summer, people generally live and work in air-conditioned environments in order to cool off the heat. Most of the Windows are closed.Because the air conditioning is a dark and humid environment, it is suitable for mites, mold, virus and "legionella".They are hidden within the air conditioner, continuously through the circulation of air into the indoor air, diffuse in the corners of the room, make the person infected with influenza pneumonia, tonsillitis, etc.


Summer heat, as a result of the indoor pesticides, chemical products, plastic products, the smell of the toilet and kitchen pollution prominent, though the smell may not be harmful to human body, but due to the people for a long time in the indoor environment pollution of bad smells, will be hard to stomach, and even cause the problem such as vomiting, headache, induced by a variety of chronic diseases.


Therefore, when the air conditioning is turned on in the summer, the indoor air quality will decrease severely in the long run.In indoor air, besides furniture, home decoration material, the gas that person breath is a big pollution source.In spring, summer, autumn and winter, no matter which season, open window ventilated is necessary, through air purifier also is the effective way that improves indoor air quality.