Fake and inferior air purifiers will suffer market elimination

In recent years, air pollution, a variety of experimental data, the harm of air pollution is a hard there, however, is classified into the threat to human health, air pollution caused by the loss of labor, also hinder the improvement of productivity, by the way, the indirect drag social progress.


So by various air purifier market targeting the "heroes", due to various "hero" rebellious, lacking technical aspects, and even came up with a lot of wild west, you fight me and, have to have it back.In each of "hero" cake at the same time, get the malodorous air purifier market, not only damage the virtuous cycle of the market, more important is to make consumers lose faith in air purifier.


With the 2016 new national standard of execution, a shuffle of air purifier market, a large number of unqualified brand was eliminated by the market, according to the national electrical appliances industry union statistics, by the end of 2016 a total of 142 air purifier brand disappear in the tide of history.


According to authoritative sources, in order to further standardize the market for air purifier, national household appliances standardization technology committee is pushing purifier core component standards, the air purifier with mesh filter the air purifier with electrostatic dust filter, two industry standard has entered the stage of finishing, are expected to be formally launched in 2018.


Future air purifier entering a superior slightly tide of The Times, the market is bound to be more standardized, more clear, the enterprise wants to seek development, need to calm down and attentively complete products, so as to promote the benign development of the air purifier industry.