The market for air purifiers has warmed up, the new national bid is expected to be revised

After the blowout of 2013, the fall of 2014 and the return of rational return in 2015, the air purifier industry has shown a clear trend of recovery.According to the relevant data, the net retail sales in 2016 reached 14.29 billion yuan, up 17.7 percent year on year, much higher than in 2015.Retail sales rose 9.5 per cent year-on-year to 5.77 million, and growth continued in the first quarter of 2017, with retail sales up 47.0 per cent year on year.


A new version of the air purifier has contributed to the success of the net industry.


On March 1, 2016, the new "air purifier" (GB/T18801-2015) national standards "duty" formally, it is the first time in the history of the Chinese electrical appliances industry guide the development of the industry with the standard case, for air purifier has been in a savage growth trend of industry, no doubt from the aspects of quality specification gives a good "threshold" and industry "bound".
It turns out that the industry has been further regulated as the new standards fall.Yi kang statistics data show that in 2016 sold in domestic air purifier brand number from 687 to 567 in 2015, a sharp drop in the first quarter of 2017 to 381, in the industry product price slightly ascending, but the price increase is mainly due to the new national standard issued after it.and some low-end products, price, quality can not meet the new national standard of air purifier enterprise withdraw from the market.
The new national standards regulate the disorder of the previous industry in terms of the performance, safety, noise and testing of purifiers.Performance, new gb broke the market in various fancy gimmicks, let products have more explicit development direction, at the same time let the consumer can visually through the CADR, CCM, parameters such as energy efficiency, noise, air purifier for rational choice.
"After the launch of the new national standard, the performance parameters of the empty net enterprises have been greatly improved," he said.Lu jianguo, deputy chief engineer of the institute of household electrical appliances in China, said.He further introduced the empty net new gb as press implement changes in products for more than a year, "from the point of CADR clean air quantity, before the new national standard implementation, air purifier particles CADR concentration within the 400, 200 ~ 300 to give priority to, the new national standard after implementation is given priority to with 200 ~ 600, big CADR growth is obvious."
From the point of parameters such as CCM, energy efficiency, jian-guo lu admitted that most of the test sample particles CCM to P4 level (P1 and P4, P4 is highest), formaldehyde particle CCM CCM is not so good performance, but in fact most is to wipe the F4.Big on energy efficiency, there have been few cases of disqualification in various types of testing.
In response, an air purifier brand has said that the new standards have neutralized the demands of the establishment and the participating companies.With the increase of all enterprises in product development input, let the product to achieve the so-called "double high", namely the particulate matter accumulated amount of purification for P4 and gaseous contaminant cumulative amount of purification for the F4 is not difficult.
Tianjin environmental protection product promotion association President kinkey city also has said that at present, under the standard of many indicators is not comprehensive enough, merchants easy to cut corners to mislead consumers.
Some experts even say that the new national standards are just a threshold for a performance indicator for air purifiers, or just a passing standard.
A survey of journalists found that, in the eyes of many net manufacturers, the most difficult thing to achieve was the efficiency ratio.But the difference in the national standard in various products in the energy efficiency of reflect not to come out, can't marked "12" or "5", can only be marked up to the "first-class efficiency", is the primary energy efficiency of more than 5.This may also be a standard constraint.
Jian-guo lu said: "the original standards, really did not think of air purifier industry will develop so fast. The standard can revision after 3 years of implementation, the above questions we will in the next version of the standard was improved, to guide the consumer choose and buy better products, let the fake and inferior products are withdrawn from the market."
In terms of the next step, lu jianguo proposed a specific approach, such as increasing the evaluation method of large CADR (particulate matter CADR greater than 800, formaldehyde CADR greater than 400).Increase the type of contaminants in CADR, such as pollen, dust, allergens, mites, etc.Increase the type of contaminants in the test CCM, such as benzene, ozone, etc.Adding a secondary pollution evaluation method;Increase the evaluation method of intelligent program and air quality sensor.
China's air purifier market is estimated to grow at a compound annual rate of 16.6 per cent between 2016 and 2018.China's air purifier market is still in its infancy and there is room for growth in the future.The further revision of the new national standard will be more favorable to the superior quality of the brand, thus to regulate the market, guide the consumption, and improve the quality of the products.