Sterilize your car, highly recommend the car air purifiers

Car disinfection is to take some measures to the existence of pollutants in the car to purify and eliminate, thereby reducing the pollution caused by car damage to human health. But many drivers on the car disinfection understanding is not deep enough, there will be some errors.


Misunderstanding 1: the new car without disinfection
In fact, six months after the new car factory, is the peak of a variety of toxic gas release. In foreign countries, new cars will generally be put for some time before use. But in the country, people are usually bought to use, without disinfection, the bold contact with the virus intimate. The consequences can be imagined.
Misunderstanding 2: no smell without disinfection
Virus ≠ smell, many viruses are colorless and tasteless. When the smell of the formation of time, indicating that the indoor smell has been to a very serious point. If not to suppress, is likely to cause respiratory infections and other diseases.
Misunderstanding 4: eliminate a poison after, do not have to disinfection
Car disinfection with the car wash a reason: after washing, after a period of time, the car dirty, is it still have to wash it? Disinfection is the same, after the bacteria killed, over time, there are new bacteria breeding, it must Disinfected again. Do not be too frequent, it is recommended to do a month on the line.
Misunderstanding 5: perfume can be disinfected
When the car smell, when many owners of the first reaction is fierce perfume. But this method can only cover the smell. And no disinfection effect.
To keep healthy, please do not repeatedly struggling in these errors. Gold is valuable, healthy and priceless! For your health and family, please remember to regularly disinfect your car. Care for health, starting from indoor disinfection!
For these errors, each driver should be avoided, so that their physical health can be a certain protection, of course, in addition to their own into a misunderstanding, each driver should be actively committed to avoid pollution problems in the car. According to the time and practice to prove that improving the status of pollution inside the car choose the car air purifier is the best way.