therapeutical effect of Hydrogen-rich wate for Duchenne musculardystrophy

The Duchenne musculardystrophy (DMD), a rare genetic disease of the X chromosome chain, has an average of 1 in 3, 500 newborn boys worldwide.DMD causes is the lack of a kind of Dystrophin amyotrophy resistant protein, the protein in skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle cell membrane), belongs to the cytoskeleton proteins, have mechanical force effect, can prevent the damage in the process of muscle cells in the contract.In preschoolers, muscle weakness or atrophy can be caused by continuous deterioration of skeletal muscle, resulting in inconveniences.When you're about 7 to 12, you lose your ability to walk completely, and usually by the time you're in your 20s, you're going to die from muscle weakness and muscle weakness.


Corticosteroids are the only treatment, but the side effects are clear.Duchenne muscular dystrophy animal model is also a specific gene expression defects, this kind of animal life is not affected, may be because the mouse can compensatory amyotrophy resistant protein expression of homologous gene utrophin.Although this animal muscle pathologic change is not as severe as human patients, it can show similar pathologic features.Show a typical patients with human and animal models of oxidative damage, the damage of muscle cells to produce inflammation, inflammatory reaction to produce more reactive oxygen species, forming a vicious cycle.Antioxidants, such as NAC, have a protective effect on muscle damage in animal models, suggesting that increased reactive oxygen is a key factor in the pathogenesis of the disease.Other natural substances that inhibit oxidative stress, such as curcumin, resveratrol, polyphenols, and sulforaphane, can also be protective.


Hydrogen molecules have the ability to control inflammation and oxidative damage, for a variety of treatment effects of oxidative stress related diseases, with duchenne muscular dystrophy animal model studies have also found that hydrogen has therapeutic effect on the disease, can improve the muscle function, reduce muscle pathological changes and oxidative stress injury.For this kind of hereditary disease, I think they can not use the hydrogen can be treated, but recently Japanese scholars in animal models that hydrogen has therapeutic effect on this disease.


The method is to give pregnant female rats a 5ppm high concentration of hydrogen water on 15.5 days of gestational age, until the rat is born and weaned.The mice were given a drink of hydrogen to 10 or 24 weeks after their birth.Results found that the sick animals after birth weight loss, hydrogen water can increase the rat body weight, increase animal spontaneous movement distance, the plasma levels of creatine kinase in 0 and 24 weeks.The number of core muscle cells also declined significantly.The degree of oxidative damage of the gastrocnemius was reduced.The hydrogen-water group showed a significant increase in anti-oxidase expression and anti-apoptotic molecule bcl-2 in 10 weeks.Although the hydrogen for the development of the disease prevention mechanism is not very clear, but the role of hydrogen may relieve this kind of hereditary disease development, it is a kind of for the incurable patients new hope.It is hoped that hydrogen will have a similar effect on the dystrophy of the human‘s Dunchenne's Muscular Dystrophy.


The fibromyalus changes, 10 weeks and 24 weeks.(a-d) the calf muscle tissue HE dyes.The number of cores in the center is very large in the disease group, and the treatment of hydrogen is reduced.The middle green stain is oxidative stress, which increases the number of oxidative molecules in the disease group and decreases after treatment.The final line of note is that the green stain marked by the arrow is apoptosis.


The study was headed by professor of neurogenetics and bioinformatics at Nagoya university medical school.He had expressed his feelings about why he had studied hydrogen."Hydrogen effect on animal disease model and human patients is very magical, and it is beginning to make me very doubt. However, when I saw his play a significant role of hydrogen in the lab, my faithful from doubt to hydrogen medicine. This prompted me to compress their research direction in the past, increase support for research in the medical effect of hydrogen on. I believe that with their professional knowledge in the field of molecular biology in the past, can effect on hydrogen molecule mechanism research provides important contributions to the understanding of the mechanisms of hydrogen on the promotion of hydrogen medicine and help more people get the benefits of hydrogen effect has a role, it is for me to study the important target of hydrogen medicine.