The air pollution around us cannot be underestimated

By the world bank and the university of Washington institute of health statistics evaluation of collaboration between the cost of air pollution research report shows that air pollution threatens human health not only, also labor loss that hinder productivity.In 2013, air pollution caused $225 billion in lost labor revenue, resulting in a loss of $5.11 trillion.90% of the population of low and middle income countries are exposed to dangerous levels of outdoor air pollution, while 93% of air pollution related death, non-fatal disease cases are concentrated in developing countries.


So what should we do about indoor air pollution?There are several ways of cleaning the air.


1. Natural ventilation:
Through open window open door, make indoor air natural flow, already achieved purify indoor air the purpose.But this method is only used to remove the smell of indoor odor and can not eradicate indoor pollution completely.
2. Active carbon adsorption method:
Activated carbon has a large surface area and can absorb a certain amount of harmful gases on the surface.The activated charcoal will fail when it is full, and it is suitable for low concentrations of pollution, which is rarely used in indoor pollution control.
3. Chemical deodorant method:
The effect is not durable, and has certain toxic side effect, can cause secondary pollution easily.
4. Air purifier:
Professional purification equipment such as air purifier is the most effective method for improving indoor air.Air purifier has a variety of purification technology, can purify dust, particles, formaldehyde, bacteria and other pollutants, in terms of clean air, has obvious effect, has now been recognized by more and more families.