Air pollution affects sleep

At the recent American thorax association international conference, us scientists reported their findings - cardiopulmonary health, air pollution is not only harm may also affect the quality of people's sleep.


The researchers found that included age, weight, sleep problems, income, and whether the original factors such as smoking, compared with the air quality in the home the best volunteers, 5 years home the highest nitrogen dioxide content in the air volunteers had a sixty percent increased risk of sleep efficiency is low.Volunteers who were exposed to particulate matter pollution increased their risk of poor sleep by 50 percent.


Lack of sleep can cause endocrine disorders.The mouth is sore and the mouth is broken.Bad breath and poor appetite;The dream of insomnia, the restless and irritable;4, unfocused, slow thinking;Pain in the neck, falling pillow;Affecting the skin's metabolism, speeding up the aging of the skin, darkening the skin, especially the black eyes and wrinkles;7, teenagers sleep badly and influence development.If you don't pay attention to the adjustment, you will reduce the immune system and cause all kinds of diseases.
You might think that air pollution is only outdoors, so it would be nice to get out of the house.But the truth is: NO, NO, NO, indoor air pollution can't be ignored.
Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable air purifier for the health of the big guys.