Why is air negative ion effective in preventing respiratory disease?

The world health organization says, noncommunicable diseases, has developed into today's world the biggest causes of death can take away more than 3600, ten thousand lives a year, about 63% of total global deaths.Chronic respiratory diseases account for 32 percent of the total, and as air pollution worsens, the rate is rising every year.So there are serious forms of treating respiratory diseases.


The treatment of respiratory diseases has been more difficult to conquer medical difficulties, because the respiratory system disease symptoms are often heavy, fast progression, treatment is difficult, so the prevention and control of key points is to put the line moved forward, achieve early discovery, early diagnosis and early treatment.Especially in autumn winter season, cold, in the heavy fog haze, the respiratory system will become more fragile, if you don't pay attention to nursing, chronic bronchitis, asthma and other diseases are easy to relapse.Air anion therapy is now a panacea for respiratory diseases.


Air negative ion therapy can effectively treat respiratory diseases because small particle size of the negative ions can effectively enhance the tracheal mucosal epithelial cilia movement, affecting the activity of the hair cells within the villi, improve alveolar secretion and pulmonary ventilation and ventilation function, thus With ease of bronchial spasm, increase lung capacity, adjust the respiratory rate, antitussive and other effects. Negative ions can also promote the regeneration of nasal epithelial cells (multiple nasal), restore mucosal secretion function. On asthma, bronchitis, children with pertussis and other diseases have a good effect. The effect of air anion therapy has been widely practiced in clinical practice.


"Air Negative Oxygen Inhalation of 100 cases of acute and chronic bronchitis rehabilitation" recorded in the Chinese People's Liberation Army Bethune International Peace Hospital, the use of Shandong New Living Medical Technology Co., Ltd. negative ion generator release of small particle size anion treatment of respiratory system 100 cases of disease, good results, 100 cases of acute and chronic bronchitis patients recovered 37 cases, symptoms, signs disappeared, auxiliary examination (X-ray, blood and other items) normal; markedly effective in 38 cases, significantly reduced symptoms, signs disappeared, Improved in 20 cases, symptoms and signs partially reduced or disappeared; invalid in 5 cases. Effective rate of 75%, 95% efficiency.


Especially when the family was suffering from a cold, with sterilization function of the negative ion air purifier better. In addition, the smoke as the home of the largest air pollution sources, long-term inhalation can cause rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases, and air health committee Professor Qin's research shows that: when the indoor air concentration of negative ions Cubic centimeters 20,000, the air will reduce the amount of dust more than 98%. The effect of the removal of PM2.5 into the lungs in the soot is excellent.
So the air anion therapy for the treatment of the respiratory system is a combination of prevention and treatment of emerging treatment means to help the majority of patients with respiratory disease out of the pain of torture, feel free breathing happy.
For those suffering from respiratory diseases, home placement of negative ion air purifier can not only clean indoor air, but also on the body to play a certain role in health care.