Does air purifier have any effect? It depends on how you use it

Air purifier is the most recognized product to improve the quality of indoor, because in our market but the time is relatively late, so people's awareness is not very comprehensive, for some did not use the air purifier Of the people, the air purifier really do, have the effect of these problems are like mystery, in fact, for the air purifier useful, the problem I do not want too much explanation, because the problem by the air purifier users Confirmed that more and more people began to choose to use air purifier to improve indoor air quality, but for the air purifier effect, many people may be due to lack of understanding of the air purifier, the use of some inappropriate Affect the effect of its play, so, in order to get the best air purifier effect, but also need to use the correct air purifier, then the user should pay attention to the use of air purifier which?


First, without affecting the appearance of the home, the air purifier on the middle of the room to achieve the effect is the best, should try not to rely on walls or furniture placed, or in use when leaving the wall 1 m above distance.


Second, because some of the purifier will produce a trace of harmful gases around, so do not put it too close to the human body, especially the use of electrostatic adsorption products to avoid direct contact with children.


Thirdly, in fact, the purifying function of the air purifier takes some time to improve the indoor air, so the air purifier can be turned on for 24 hours when conditions permit. And now part of the purifier also introduced a timer function, the use of this feature we can also effectively control the use of the purifier time.


Fourth, the main principle of air purifier is the use of fans to the indoor air inhalation, through the filter and other devices for purification, and finally the fresh air sent. It is advisable to close the doors and windows to make it a closed environment in the event of severe air pollution, so that the use of air purifiers can guarantee better purification.


Fifth, the user also need to pay attention to the air purifier effect, if you find the air purifier purification effect decreased, or open the air purifier after the smell, you should promptly replace the filter material. If the signal indicator of the purifier is on, it means that the dust is full and the dust board needs to be replaced. Replace the filter time should refer to the recommendations of the manual, usually every six months to replace the effect is better. It is also necessary to adjust the replacement cycle depending on the frequency of use and the severity of air pollution.