Drinking rich hydrogen rich water can improve lifestyle and avoid chronic diseases

On May 11th the 10th world high blood pressure day refocused attention on chronic diseases.In our country, the high incidence of chronic diseases has become a significant problem, with the elderly suffering from 2 ~ 3 diseases, or 5 to 6.According to the ministry of health statistics, the number of people with chronic diseases in our country is 260 million, and the reserve army is more than 500 million.As a result, the proportion of deaths from chronic diseases has risen to 85 per cent of total deaths in China.Cancer, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cardioascular disease, and other chronic diseases, confirm that more than 60% of these illnesses are related to lifestyle.Domestic relevant experts said that chronic disease is not a day two days, these have the same risk factors of chronic disease and smoking, drinking too much, eat too salty too fat, lack of physical exercise and other lifestyle closely related.By controlling these risk factors, these diseases can be prevented.The key to staying healthy is to develop a healthy lifestyle.


Recently in Japan "hydrogen health" concept through everyday drinking hydrogen-rich water away from the occurrence of chronic disease, its principle is using the selective oxidation of hydrogen, with rich hydrogen water contains hydrogen removal of malignant free radicals in the human body, so as to promote metabolism, remove rust, improve the effect of quality of life, etc."Hydrogen health" concept to people is a new concept of health, lifestyle and the optimistic young healthy mentality, which is the key to delay aging and maintain healthy state.


When it comes to hydrogen, Japan in 2007 medical university professor too Tian Chengnan first found in the implementation, it is through clear hydrogen malignant free radicals in the body so as to effectively resist oxidative damage to human body harm -- this is hydrogen is the most important foundation for the treatment of disease.He pointed out that hydrogen can selectively neutralize toxicity of hydroxyl radicals and nitrous acid anionic reactive oxygen species, and not with hydrogen peroxide, nitric oxide, necessary reaction of reactive oxygen species such as superoxide anion.Hydroxyl free radicals and nitrous acid anion is the more reactive toxic free radicals, which is very easy and intracellular life macromolecular substances such as proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, irreversible chemical reaction, cause these molecules lethal damage, namely the oxidative damage.And oxidative damage is almost the most common and basic pathologic mechanism of development of all diseases.


So what is a free radical?Free radicals seems to be a lot of people have to understand, it is known as the source of everything, is also the human aging of the culprit, the elderly often suffer from chronic disease is usually caused by free radicals.However, the body can't leave the free radicals and keep the free-radical balance the healthiest form.Japanese experts have shown that hydrogen molecules can balance free radicals that can help prevent aging.According to the domestic hydrogen molecular medicine expert introduction, using the method of hydrogen treating diseases mainly include hydrogen breath, rich hydrogen injection solution and drinking water rich hydrogen, among them, the drinking water rich hydrogen is by far the most commonly used effective way.


The good news is that our country medical research on hydrogen molecules have already infiltrated the health field, a kind of hydrogen-rich water hydrogen (rich) water bag products will become the new choice of people's drinking water.So far, there are rich hydrogen water reports the clinical study of 10 a variety of chronic diseases, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, ba jin's disease, interstitial cystitis, lower quality of life caused by radiation therapy of liver cancer, chronic hepatitis b, muscle disease, cerebral ischemia and skin diseases.Among them, the mount taishan medical school, according to new research published in the drinking hydrogen-rich water 10 weeks can reduce blood lipid levels and the metabolic syndrome patients and to improve the function of "good" of lipoprotein.