How to choose air purifier correctly? Look at these eight points

A good air purifier can purify most of the harmful particles in the air to a certain extent, and it can achieve the effect of clean air.

But for air purifiers, you need to know about the selection criteria for air purifiers.First, the air purifier is good or bad, mainly considering the output ratio of clean air. The larger the output rate, the cleaner effect will be better.

There are several hard and fast indicators of current air purifiers:

The first is to ensure that the indoor air reaches a certain degree of ventilation, and the international standard is no less than 5 times.


The second is that the air purifier has a high purification efficiency, which can keep indoor pollutants at a relatively low level if there are persistent sources of pollution.
It is recommended to choose air purifier with larger air volume.Especially in the filter air purifier, there is a fan as the energy source of the air circulation system, because the air volume is large, the filtering effect and the purification ability are relatively large.Air purifiers have a lot of styling.
What should you pay attention to when selecting air purifiers?
(1) purification techniques
Consumers should choose applied physics type filter, chemical formula decomposition, ion technology the three types of air purifiers, physical type filtering technology is first selection, in order to ensure the purification effect, as far as possible choose to adopt multiple purification technology of air purifier;Avoid air purifiers using electrostatic precipitation techniques.
(2) filter material
The material of different filter net, purify effect is different.The higher the level of HEPA, the smaller the particulate matter that can be filtered, the better the filter will be.At present, the HEPA filter made of antimicrobial peptides is very efficient in purifying energy efficiency.
(3) air cleanliness
The larger the air purifier (CADR), the larger the decontamination area and the more purification cycle.International standards cycle 5 times an hour.When choose and buy, want to consider the clean area of air purifier to match the room area, the air purifier that can choose air cleaner greatly.
(4) purification efficiency
The disposable purification efficiency of the product = (the number of air inlet particles, the number of air outlet particles)/the number of air inlet particles, the one-time cleaning effect can directly see the quality of the product and the purification effect.In addition to considering one-time purification efficiency, consumers should consider the purification efficiency of the whole machine, which is the clean air.